$1 Extra Dollar for Sienna Panthers Lacrosse

Let's give all the kids in our community the opportunity to play lacrosse




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Sienna Panthers Lacrosse is devoted to bringing lacrosse to all the kids in Sienna Plantation . There is an opportunity for such kids to play lacrosse at the highest levels, if we can get proper equipment, coaches and fields.  To fulfill these needs, Sienna Panthers Lacrosse needs of funds. 
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$1 Extra Dollar

If each of us gave $1 Extra Dollar & asked our family, friends to do the same, then we could bring lacrosse to all the kids in our community.

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Urgent Projects

Our Mission

Sienna Panthers Lacrosse has an urgent project to raise enough funds to hire professional coaches.  This will enable us to give our advanced players 5-days of practice and a level of coaching that cannot be obtained through volunteers.  To be successful, the Sienna Panthers Lacrosse needs to raise at least $15,000. 

Sienna Panthers Lacrosse teaches life lessons through the teaching of lacrosse in an effort to ensure players reach the highest possible level of play. 

The morals of the Sienna Panthers Lacrosse Club is PRIDE, which stands for:

P - Preparation

R - Respect

I - Integrity

D - Determination

E - Effort. 

Sienna Panthers Lacrosse Club

 To learn more about the Sienna Panthers Lacrosse Club, please visit fbpantherslax.org

Find your inner power by helping others

Glenn Reitman

Head Coach


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